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Medical Software | Clinic Management Software Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the current version of ENCORE Clinic Software?

ENCORE System is currently at version 2014 and the latest release was in Jan 2014.

I have an earlier version of ENCORE. Is there an upgrade path to the latest version?

ENCORE Clinic Software Version 2000, Version 2002, Version 2005, Version 2008 and Version 2010 are no longer available nor supported. You may upgrade by obtaining a new license. For license upgrade issues, please contact ENCORE Licensing Division.

How do I get priority support services?

For priority technical support, you may subscribe to our ENCORE Assurance Programme. ENCORE Assurance Programme provides you with email support and telephone support within our office hours. Support can come in the form of software problems reporting and fixing, and access to free software upgrades as new ENCORE versions and service packs are released into the market. Contact us at info@encoreeservices.com for more details.

I have a few people in my clinic that need to view the patient queue and patient records at the same time. Does you software provides this capability?

Yes. You can obtain ENCORE Clinic Management Software Office Edition. This edition when installed in multiple PCs connected together through a local area network (LAN) will allow you to do just that. You could have the receptionist registering a patient while another staff member process payments. And the doctor can view and prescribe medicine and perform diagnosis at the same time too.

I already have an existing medical software. How can I switch to ENCORE Clinic Software without re-typing all of my patient records?

Because ENCORE Clinic Software System has migrated data from so many different software programs, we have become good at it! If your data is in another application format, we can migrate the patient data and transaction data. And if your data is in a format which we have already built tool for the conversion, we will do it for you at no additional cost! Contact us at info@encoreeservices.com for details.

How do my staff members learn ENCORE Clinic Software?

There are a few ways to learn ENCORE. Because ENCORE is designed with use-friendly screens, most users choose to learn it using our comprehensive user guides and training resources. You could let your staff do their own self-learn using the ENCORE documentation and Learning Resource. However, if you prefer a more indepth learning for your staff, you could also choose to engage our Professional Trainers who will train your staff members to a high level of ENCORE proficiency.

How do I send my staff for training?

ENCORE has regular public and private classes conducted throughout the year. Public classes are conducted during weekdays from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm and follow our public training schedule. Private classes are meant for clients who prefer to customise the training programme. For more information, please contact our Operation Division.

What if I have questions or problems. How long does it take for you to get back to me?

We operate from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday-Friday. Our Customer Care team maintains an email and online support for users who need help.

I have downloaded the setup program to try out the system. When I install it, it asks for a password and serial number. Where do I get the information?

You probably downloaded the ENCORE clinic software setup program without using our registration form. Please register using our registration form and we will email you the setup instruction, including the password and serial number. Please take note that only registration form with accurate and complete information will be successful.

ENCORE Clinic Software has all the features of an advance Clinic Management System but it is much cheaper than all other commercial Clinic Management Software that I found. What is the catch?

Most Clinic Management Systems cost about USD3000 to USD8000. Our customers would be paying for lesser than one-tenth of what these systems would cost them to get similar features. We are offering a different business model. We want to make the cost of owning a good comprehensive clinic software system affordable to all our customers. If a customer required additional services such as support and maintenance, they could then choose to pay only what they need. You do not need to pay for unused software services anymore!

What is the best screen resolution to run ENCORE Clinic Software?

The most suitable screen resolution is 1024 x 768. This resolution is tested to have big fonts that are comfortable to most practitioners. ENCORE can work with resolution higher than 1024 x 768 but your Windows display will have a smaller font size and hence more difficult to read.

What are the countries where ENCORE Clinic Software would work well?

We strive to make ENCORE Clinic Software work in different countries. If you find that there are areas which the software needs to change in order to work in your country, tell us so that we can make the necessary changes. You may feedback to us at info@encoreeservices.com. We value your feedback and there is no additional charges for such program enhancements.

I am from a Non-profit organisation. How do I get a free Clinic Software as mentioned in your website?

We provide you a free license of ENCORE Clinic Software Professional Edition once we have verified that your organisation is indeed a Charity organisation. Mail us supporting documents that help us in this verification process.

OK. I am ready to buy. How long does it take for the delivery?

The delivery time varies from state to state and country to country. It takes 3 to 14 business days to deliver ENCORE Clinic System to you.

I am a reseller and would like to distribute ENCORE clinic software products. What should I do?

We are in a state of expansion and are looking for good committed resellers and distributors. Please contact our ENCORE Channel Partners Programme to start off a discussion.