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ENCORE eConnect your Clinic to a network of Clinics, Patients, Suppliers and Referrers

ENCORE eConnect is a suite of eServices that serves a community of suppliers, clinics and patients in a network of business-to-business and business-to-consumer activities.

ENCORE eConnect has the following features:

ENCORE eConnect Clinics within your Clinic group

  • Centralise Patient Records on your Clinic INTRANET to prevent duplication of records during patient registration
  • Reduce cost by consolidating your Purchases Orders and assign to a doctor in-charge of purchasing

  • Centralise all your clinics' inventory to maximise inventory control
  • Consolidate all facilities resources and assign only 1 individual to manage resources scheduling

ENCORE eConnect your Clinics with your Patients

  • Appointment Scheduling and Booking for each of your clinic member
  • Patients to view and make Appointment Booking online
  • Patient to view his/her personal medical reports online through secured channels

  ENCORE eConnect your Clinics with your Referrers

  • Messaging to referrers letters by email
  • Automatic extraction of referrers in normal email format which is presented in HTML or Rich-Text-Format (RTF).
  • Extracted referrer letters are organised into folders

  ENCORE eConnect your Clinics with your Suppliers

  • Browsing of up-to-date item catalog and special pricing information by Suppliers
  • Create Quotation and Purchase Orders online to Suppliers.
  • Send Goods Receive Notes online to Suppliers
  • View Delivery and Invoice status updated online by Suppliers


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